A device for Somatosensory Rehabilitation !

Vibradol®, a generator of mechanical vibrations, aims is to treat neuralgias, neuromas and loss of sensitivity. He allows to stimulate the regeneration of the "axon" hurts of sensory gristle via the mechanics-receivers who are under the skin. It favors considerably the somatosensory rehabilitation.

The purpose of the desensitization by vibratory stimulation is to make the patient support gradually more and more important mechanical vibrations - immigration limit in the pain led by the vibration - while respecting a painful invariant.

Vibradol answers the therapeutic indications in the field of the cutaneous sensibility and offers finally to the therapists a simple and efficient generator.

The probe designed in the shape of pen was specially developed to bring an additional user-friendliness to the therapist.

Characteristics: frequency of 100 Hz and amplitude from 0.001 to 1 mm.


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