Pathologies for which the Vibradol may be used :

What is somatosensory rehabilitation ?

Strange feelings, feeling numb in your skin, pins and needles, pain to the light touch or burning sensations, static shocks... are all neurological symptoms which arise after a surgical operation or a nerve injury and which merit being taken care of.

Somatosensory rehabilitation allows us to evaluate sensitive areas
- cartograph the skin area or the area which is painful or loosing feeling.
- determine the severity of the problem.
- localize the nerve lesions.
- quantify the pain and the pain felt.

Somatosensory rehabilitation allows us to treat
- hyposensitive areas by using a rehabilitation program.
- allodynic (non-noxious stimulation) areas by using a tactile and vibratory program, specialising in the cases of painful problems (Allodynies, mechanical or nerves).
- the areas of axonal lesions by using a desensitizing program in case of lesions of sensitive nerves or neuroma.


During the treatment, therapists need a machine which generates mechanical vibrations, like Vibradol, which plays an integral part of the somatosensory rehabilitation.

Wikipedia definition : Somatosensory Rehabilitation of Pain