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A comprehensive survey on the somotosensory rehabilitation of patients suffering from peripheral nerve injuries is now avaiable, coverint the vast topic of disorders of the cutaneous sense.

First published in French in 2004, the handbook for somotosensory rehabilitation deals with the definitions, testing, rehabilitation and prevention of disorders affecting cutaneous nerves. In addition, the author, Claude Spicher, reports on more than two decades of his own clinical work, with full descriptions of practical approches in treating patients. The handbook for somatosensory rehabilitation will gratly help therapists of all disciplines and, at the same time raises important basic neuroscience issues related to functional recovery after peripheral nerve lesion and to neural plasticity.

Handbook for Somatosensory Rehabilitation

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Table of Contents
Handbook for Somatosensory Rehabilitation

Point of view : JP Roll, PhD
Professor of Human Neurobiology at University of Provence, Marseille

Point of View : EM Rouiller, PhD
Professor at the Institute of Physiology, University of Friburgh, Switzerland

Point of View : Irene Inauen, dipl. Ergotherapeutin HF
Praxis für Handrehabilitation, Rheinfelden, Switzerland

French version : Manuel de rééducation sensitive du corps humain

Handbook for Somatosensory Rehabilitation